The XpresSmile teeth whitening system uses the most advanced and innovative technology and materials to whiten your teeth safely, quickly, and with maximum results. The system not only removes surface stains, but also the stains found deep inside the teeth.

The XpresSmile teeth whitening gels are dental grade products purchased through FDA and CE inspected and registered laboratories. The XpresSmile lamp produces a cool blue light that is 85% more intense than most other lamps on the market.

Using the same whitening light as the dentist and powerful yet gentle hydrogen peroxide gels, the cold blue light accelerates the teeth whitening process to deliver results of 2-10 shades whiter teeth.

The results are impressive! Average improvement is 2-4 shades for 20 minutes, 4-8 shades in 40 minutes, and 6-10 shades in 60 minutes. The 60 minute treatment is very effective for teeth that have been stained by smoking or by consuming staining substances such as coffee, tea, or red wine. XpresSmile also whitens teeth discolored by certain medicines, such as tetracycline, or speckled by fluoride.


2-10 Shades Whiter Teeth
Safe, Fast, and Effective
No Down Time, Pain, Mess
Whitens Hard-to-Reach Areas
No Harmful UV or Heat
1/3 the cost of other solutions